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Las hazañas del hombre blanco, a debate
El País, 24.02.2022, article by Analía Iglesias
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L’H. The centre is on the outskirts
Mirador de les arts, article by Roberta Bosco
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I can’t take my eyes off you: Eulàlia Rovira and Adrian Schindler
Cover Story October 2018, lttds.org, article by curatorial office Latitudes (Max Andrews and Mariana Cánepa Luna)
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Artist based in Barna: Adrian Schindler
BCNMÉS, interview by Montse Pereda Grillo
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Coexistir múltiplement
Week &, article by artist and researcher Mariona Moncunill
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Barcelona and Beyond
Frieze Looking Back Series 2017, frieze.com, article by curator and contributing editor Max Andrews (Latitudes)
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Passió i cartografia per a un incendi dels ulls
Exhibition catalogue, MACBA, 2022
Edited by Latitudes
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exibart españa N°1
February 2022
Interview about my experience of artist residencies.
Read here (p. 48-49)

Compost Reader
Chtulhu Books, 2021
Edited by the Institute for Postnatural Studies
With a commissioned text in collaboration with Eulàlia Rovira
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Casa de Velázquez - Académie de France à Madrid 2021
Promotion catalogue, 2021
With an introduction by Caterina Almirall
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Mesurar amb precisió els cims llegendaris!
Exhibition catalogue, Cultura Terrassa Arts Visuals, 2020
Edited by Caterina Almirall
Contains the full script of the performance Aggregates, Chlorine, Teeth, Thermoplastics (2018-19), a work with Eulàlia Rovira and four collaborative texts written with Caterina Almirall and Eulàlia Rovira

Pédagogies invisibles (Prélude)
Program publication, Mahal Art Space, Tangier, 2019
Edited by Nouha Ben Yebdri

Una galería reimaginada
ABC Cultural, newspaper, 02/03/19
Article by Isabel Lázaro

Artist based in Barna: Adrian Schindler
BCNMÉS #76, magazine, December 2018 / January 2019
Interview by Montse Pereda Grillo

An Exhibition As a Spell
Exhibition catalogue, Centre Cívic Can Felipa, Barcelona, 2018
Curated by Catarina Almirall
With the projects Inditexts (feat. María Barros and Eulàlia Rovira) and la musea.

La dissidència nostàlgica
Exhibition catalogue, La Capella, Barcelona, 2017
Edited by Joana Hurtado Matheu

Exhibition booklet, Centre Cívic Can Felipa, Barcelona, 2017
Texts by Javier Peñafiel and the artists Míriam C. Cabeza, Marc Herrero, Megan Michalak, Somos Nosotros, Art al Quadrat, Adrian Schindler and Andrés Vial

…at least a provisional way to settle in one place
Exhibition booklet, Montehermoso, Vitoria-Gasteiz, 2017
Text by the the curators collective Komisario Berriak

Pertorbacions: Com perdre’s a Alaska
Exhibition catalogue, Capella de Sant Roc, Museu de Valls, 2015
Contains the full script of the audio piece Dos cavalls alemanys a Valls (2014), a work with Eulàlia Rovira within Quim Packard's solo show Com Perdre's a Alaska

Masterarbeiten im Studiengang Art in Context 2014/2015
MA graduation catalogue, Institut für Kunst im Kontext, Universtät der Künste Berlin, 2015
Texts by all graduate students

Archipel inVest - Islands of Artistic Experiments in the Ruhr Region
Project catalogue, ZK/U press, Berlin 2014
Contains the full script of the performance Wenn das Gebäude nicht mehr trägt (2014), a work with Eulàlia Rovira

Roven n° 10
Magazine, Les presses du réel, Fall/Winter 2013-2014
Issue on drawing and performance

Exhibition catalogue, Éditions Ensba, 2013
Interview by Interno 4, Bologna

Catalogue des diplômés 2012 de l'École des Beaux-arts de Paris
Graduation catalogue, Éditions Ensba, 2013
Text by Elisa Rigoulet

Étapes n°214
Magazine, Pyramyd, Summer 2013
Issue on drawing and illustration
Text by Arnaud Fourrier

Vivre Paris n°2
Magazine, Spring 2010
Text by Serghei Litvin