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Paraíso consumido
Consumed Paradise

Tattoo ink on grapefruit skin (Citrus x Paradiso), variable dimensions, 2019

The back and the hips of Fakir Musafar, Michael Wilson's face, Dan Thome's leg, Jane Handel's collarbone, Leo Zulueta's back, Zapata's leg, Lyle Tuttle's leg, Vaughn's back, Genesis P-Orridge's wrist, Paula P-Orridge's wrist, Hilary Cross' thigh, Greg Kulz's back, Bill Salmon's elbow and arm.*

*From the magazine "Modern Primitives", RE/SEARCH # 12, 1989.

Exhibition view: Solo show "Dehydrating Seaweed Contorsions", Homesession, Barcelona. Photo credit: Roberto Ruiz