3400 g - 1,100° C

Two-channel video installation, HD, stereo, 12' and 15', 2017
Language: French / Spanish subtitles

The video installation 3400 g - 1,100 ° C examines on one hand a selection of photographs which all depict planes or air force-related activities taken during World War II by my great-grandfather, with among them two plane crashes, and on the other hand the black cardboard box which contained the entire photographic collection, composed by more than three hundred images. By commissioning a copy of the box and juxtaposing its meticulous process of production to the almost cinematic study of the photographed scenes, the work questions the conditions of production and survival of these documents and the means to decipher them. The two videos are accompanied by an intermittent voice-over that provides factual informations on the origin of the images and the invention of the first black-boxes.

3400 g - 1,100 ° C is the first chapter of the project Interpretations of a Black Box.