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Le fleuve armure / Der Rüstungsfluss
The Armour River

Performance, 45', 2013
Language: French and German / translation to Catalan and Spanish (2016)

“It's a story about France and Germany. A story about comings and goings. About sharing, parting, defining borders, destruction, repair, and renewal. It's the story of a bridge that crosses one of Europe's longest rivers. A story about the power of water to be at turns devastating and calming. […] I haven't visited the Rhineland since my childhood. My memories are vague. I can only remember a water slide, a castle on a hill, and thermal baths. I retain no image of the Rhine river.”

The performance Le fleuve armure / Der Rüstungsfluss examines the genealogy and the strategic role of various bridges built on the Rhine, near the town where the motherly side of my family comes from. By means of the projection of archival images and personal photographs, the meanderings of the narrative lead us from the borders of the Roman Empire to the Allied occupation years in Germany, through the French religious wars and the Third Reich. This incursion into both a european and a family story, where the question of translation plays an important interpretative role, invites us to reconsider the flow of historical events from different banks.

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Photo credits: Jérôme Walter Gueguen and Alex Head