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Cette année les commémorations n'auront pas lieu
This Year the Commemorations Won't Take Place

Performance, 40', 2016
Language: French

Performance produced in residency at Le Centquatre, Paris, 2014-2016
In collaboration with Eulàlia Rovira and Romain Trinquand
With the support of the NA Fund Academy

On stage nothing is fixed, not even the stones. In this ever-changing space, the two protagonists, clad in dubious monument outfits, share a common desire for running away and changing their identity. But how would you escape your destiny when it is cast in stone? Slowly, tiny epics – from a rest area parking lot to the tracks of wild animals – take over History. Rather than taking a stance on memorial debates, the performance This Year The Commemorations Won't Take Place sneaks into cracks, inviting us to take other paths in the shadows of high steles.

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Photo credit: Aaricia Varandas